"Always balance using 18% grey"

"If you play life like a game, it doesn't feel as bad when you fail"

"When men play, they always play at fighting"

"We can't break the rules around here. So let's work hard to change them instead. If we change them we will finally be taken seriously"

"When I look in the mirror, I see nothing but hate, except in the mornings where I don't bother looking and plan my suicide instead"

"Pleasure for you people is centered around one thing. And that thing is always out of reach"

"I realised I was staring straight into the face of death. She was stiff and pale. How could someone like that be alive?

"The room reads like no one has ever been in it. It's steril and inhuman"

"She's blown out. Blown out so far that you killed her. And now we will see her this way forever"

LOVE: I've taken clippings from LOVE magazine to make simple collages by intuitively pairing images. I then titled each image pairing with ficticious quotes. The series explores the culture of LOVE magazine which, in this particular issue, had more photographs of dogs than of non-white people.